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Why not get some peace of mind about the vulnerability of your clients' data before an unexpected malicious breach?

About Us

Who we are

We are network security enthusiasts, actively striving to bring home  and business network security to the masses. In this day and age if you touch the internet, you open the door to hackers attempting to access your data. We make the complicated computer securities process easy and ready to go, just pick the package that fits the best with your needs.

What do we do

  • We preform many system administrative tasks like adding firewalls, intrusion detection, building private VPN's to encrypt all your net traffic to a remote location. It all depends on how hardened you want your home network. We are also happy to help you learn to monitor your own network and can assit in directing you to further resources. We are also capable of doing what is called a penetration test, explained in greater detail on the packages page. The penetration test packages are more geared towards a business, but if you do a lot fo work from home, including sensitive data it MAY just behoove you to ensure there is no easy way to get to your important data.

Why choose us

Many businesses would prefer to sell you their services at the expectation that you will continue to need them to update and improve upon, we would rather you be able to take over and utilize simple commands to do all that yourself. If you would prefer us to admin the network, we would be happy to deal with the complication. Just let us know what works best for you. We are happy to serve clients outside of Eugene from Roseburg to Portland.

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