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How much will it cost to secure my network?

As each client has different needs for their network, goals for their level of security and needs to protect their customer's data, our prices change to better align with each contract. The basic in home needs, tighten some settings, improve a firewall, or debug a potential infection are among just a few things we do. One of the things we feel should be in every home is a VPN  (Virtual Private Network) be it through one of the big companies, or your own private cloud server turned into a VPN. Personally I like to have my own private VPN as it allows me to connect to my home computer from my phone, tablet, or any other device I have chosen to connect. This allows me to remotely control my computer at home from anywhere. It also encrypts my internet under 256 bit encryption from my home ip (the one you really do not want hackers getting hold of) and only decrypts when it reaches the VPN server, where it appears the connection to the internet originates. Depending on your level of personal security need, we can build you a cloud server, tasked to do just this to add another layer of protection to the likely default router and modem your ISP gave to you. See below for a very detailed example of what penetration testing is all about and go ahead and request your quote today.

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Penetration Testing

What is a penetration test?

Penetration test, also known as pen testing, involves hiring what is called an ethical or white hat hacker to play the roll of a malicious hacker to attempt to garner whatever sensitive data your company most wants to protect (user info, sales info, billing info, all of the above, etc.). As the engagement wraps up, the penetration tester then writes up exactly where the holes in your security are, exactly what they did to get through, what data they were able to access (potentially nothing, potentially everything). 

Why would we want/need a penetration test?

Hiring someone to audit your systems, playing the roll as a hacker is a scary choice. However, if that someone gives a detailed report of what they did to access said sensitive date, then your IT department can mitigate potential avenues of nefarious activity BEFORE they happen.

What does a penetration test entail?

This is really dependant on what you want, perhaps you want a full audit, including the weakest aspect in your chain, the human element. This would be a social engineering engagent and would let you know how your employees stack up to keep your site or data secure. You may just want to find out if there are any major remote holes a would be malicious hacker could get through.

Social engineering explained

As far as weakpoints, none is weaker than the human element. Through bad clicking practices, say recieving an email that looks like a normal business email and opening a pdf, jpeg, ot other such image, your employees could literally be giing the malicious hacker thair easy avenue inside your ntwork

What is remote access?

This menas that that hacker can get in entirely because of a potential exploit available to a remote user. This version fo the test covers avenues to sensitive data that can be done from anywhere in the world. This test is centralize about an external attacker gaining internal priviladges. Think you are immune, look up the major website account dumps in the past 10 years. You will find companies such as LinkedIn, Myspace, Tumbler and most recently a 68 million user data dump to Dropbox. If major companies can be compromised, yours can too.

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I expect now that you have a greater understanding of the term Penetration test that you see the value of hiring someone for an audit of your systemn before their is an issue it'll be hard to recover from. Get a complete write up, that includes the exploit or easiest path to acquire your sensitive data so you can then fix such bugs. If you haven't had a penetration test yet, dont wait, request a quote today.