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How much will it cost to secure my network?

As each client has different needs for their network, goals for their level of security and needs to protect their customer's data, our prices change to better align with each contract. The basic in home needs, tighten some settings, improve a firewall, or debug a potential infection are among just a few things we do. One of the things we feel should be in every home is a VPN  (Virtual Private Network) be it through one of the big companies, or your own private cloud server turned into a VPN. Personally I like to have my own private VPN as it allows me to connect to my home computer from my phone, tablet, or any other device I have chosen to connect. This allows me to remotely control my computer at home from anywhere. It also encrypts my internet under 256 bit encryption from my home ip (the one you really do not want hackers getting hold of) and only decrypts when it reaches the VPN server, where it appears the connection to the internet originates. Depending on your level of personal security need, we can build you a cloud server, tasked to do just this to add another layer of protection to the likely default router and modem your ISP gave to you. See below for a very detailed example of what penetration testing is all about and go ahead and request your quote today.

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